About Us

Club Shinbukan is an association for studying and popularizing traditional Japanese martial arts. It is founded in 2006 and offers Jodo and Iaido trainings in the style of Japanese standard school Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Seitei which popularity around the world grew apparently in the recent decade. Shinbukan is acknowledged member of the Bulgarian Kendo Federation. Its members take part in yearly seminars and examinations held in the country and abroad. The club offers advanced students to develop their knowledge and experience in traditional Japanese martial arts with ancient school practices - Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo and Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido.
Club Shinbukan is affiliated to Rene van Amersfoort Sensei (8 dan Kyoshi Jodo and 7 dan Kyoshi Iaido). Rene van Amersfoort Sensei is a direct student of Louis Vitalis Sensei and is in Ishido Shizufumi Sensei lineage.
The club is an associate member of the Bulgarian Aikido Federation and offer Aikido trainings since November 2009. Instructors of the club are also members of the Sugawara Martial Arts Institute. Currently Ognjan Kozsuharov Sensei is the president of the Hungarian Aikido-Culture Federation.




Огнян КожухаровOgnjan Kozsuharov
Head of the club
6 dan Jodo Renshi, 6 dan Iaido Renshi, 5 dan Aikido
tedi_za_saitaTeodor Lekov
President of the club
4 dan Jodo, 3 dan Iaido, 2 dan Aikido, 1 dan Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu

Цветослав НиколовTsvetoslav Nikolov
Club Secretary
4 dan Jodo, 3 dan Iaido, 2 dan Aikido




drago 250x300 new 2Dragomir Apostolov
5 dan Iaido, 4 dan Jodo

stoyan stavru 250x300Stoyan Stavru
4 dan Jodo, 4 dan Iaido

chankov-2024-03-22wNikolay Chankov
4 dan Jodo, 4 dan Iaido, 1 dan Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu

ivan_kunchevIvan Kunchev
3 dan Jodo, 3 dan Iaido

stefan_vladikovStefan Vladikov
1 dan Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, 1 kyu Aikido





Dan grades


hristo 250x300

Metin Golesh
4 dan Iaido, 3 dan Jodo
Hristo Yordanov
4 dan Jodo, 3 dan Iaido


georgi_georgiev_250x300 simi_new2
Georgi Georgiev
3 dan Iaido, 1 dan Jodo
Simion Cotu
3 dan Iaido, 1 dan Jodo


gancho zagorski 350x300

albena petrakieva 250x300

Gancho Zagorski
2 dan Jodo, 2 dan Iaido
Albena Petrakieva
2 dan Jodo, 2 dan Iaido


ivan_ivanov_250x300 hristo_vasilev
Ivan Ivanov
2 dan Iaido, 1 dan Jodo
Hristo Vasilev
2 dan Jodo,
1 dan Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu


martin_ninov bogomil_popov
Martin Ninov
2 dan Iaido
Bogomil Popov
2 dan Iaido


Dimitar Angelov
1 dan Jodo, 4 dan Aikido
Hristo Stoitsov
1 dan Jodo, 1 dan Iaido


galin_todorov aleksandar_chanachev_150x180
Galin Todorov
1 dan Jodo, 1 dan Iaido
Aleksandar Chanachev
1 dan Jodo, 1 dan Iaido



Yavor Kirilov
1 dan Jodo, 1 dan Iaido
Desislava Ivanova
1 dan Jodo, 1 dan Iaido



Lazar Hristov
1 dan Jodo, 1 dan Iaido
Stefan Yanev
1 dan Iaido


dalliya kancheva 250x300


Daliya Kancheva
1 dan Jodo
Magdalena Slavcheva
1 dan Iaido


Viktor Slavchev
1 dan Iaido